No in person event in 2020 - Virtual Only

Event Info

Well bullocks. With all this COVID-19 stuff it is recommended we shouldn’t get hundreds of cool people together.

Apparently, said virus doesn’t care if it is a fun event that goes towards a great cause. Bah Humbug we say.

As such, there will be no in person Spooky Sprint in 2020.

But, don’t fret friends. In tough times, we rise up. So we will still have the 2020 Spooky Sprint as a virtual event.

What exactly does that mean?

The event will be virtual. The structure would be very, very loose. No need to report times or take photos of your costumes (unless you want to). This event has always had 2 goals, supporting wellness and our community. So, we would love for you to participate by choosing any wellness activity you enjoy, for any distance or time. You could bike, kayak, jump rope etc. And one more thing, for the community aspect, we’re hoping you’ll do it with a friend or family member. Basically, invite someone to do your wellness activity with you for a piece of social and mental health. Do it anytime during the week that normally is the Spooky Sprint.

Kids & Adults Registration

One registration for all this year, kids and adults. Everyone person will receive a t-shirt and a mask.

Price: $25

Includes t-shirt and mask

The Benefactors

The REACH Program is a voluntary, supportive intervention of the Hutchinson High School designed to help students who are seeking support academically, socially, and/or emotionally. Class groups ideally consist of 15 to 30 students, working closely with the team of educators and mental health/chemical health support. The REACH Program not only supports these students academically, but also works to help them build the skills necessary to become successful adults after graduation.


Thank you to the following sponsors for their continued support and the REACH program.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, click here.